Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tell Me Something Good

Hi Friends~
This girl was created by artist and author Christy Tomlinson. I do not know Christy but I love her mixed media art and I am currently taking a three week e-course from her called She Art Workshop. Since I am a beginner mixed media artist, I really appreciate Christy's detailed video instuction and her kind spirit.

Since December 21st, I have not felt quite myself. It seems like a dark cloud has been hovering over my family. Two deaths (one family member, one young friend), a basement flood due to a frozen pipe bursting, and continuous viral bugs have hit my husband, kids, and me. I have especially been hit with flu, bronchitis, stomach bug, and now a sinus infection. Through all of this I have still tried to count my blessings and stay positive and optimistic. It has not been so easy though. Hopefully this dark cloud is passing and my energy and inspiration will return.
Spring is a time for rebirth and renewal and will be so welcome. In January, I started an art journal full of doodles, dreams, and thoughts. It has been a friend to me. Wherever you are on your path I encourage you to keep a journal. It can be small or large. You can write, cut, paste, doodle, and paint in your art journal. Its your sacred place to think and reflect. The seeds of dreams can be planted and grow there too.
Tonight when my husband got home from work he asked my daughter to tell him something good. She said, "Mommy's Good!" That made my day. It really is the simple things that are the best. Here's to blue skys coming.
Shine your light,