Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Double Rainbow After the Storm

It has been storming a lot here in the beautiful Midwest. We always wait for the first rainbow around my son Indy's birthday on June 7th. This year it came a little later.
Last night as another storm blew in with great force, we all ran to the basement with flashlights and cell phones knowing the power almost always goes out. There is an intimate feeling as we huddle together listening to a crashing storm feeling scared, unsure, and excited. I love to see the eyes of my kids get so huge.
Also, during the storm we saw a family of ducks standing together on the big log on our pond.
After the trees straightened and the thunder wained, I went upstairs to see a strange green sky. I walked out the front door and was greeted by a stunning double rainbow arching through the sky. I called for my family to come and we enjoyed our first summer rainbow together.

It's always good to keep in mind that after any storm in life something beautiful and unexpected usually appears.


  1. Hi, I'm flying with you and loving it. Your blog is darling and I love this post. A friend of mine lives near Bloomington and messaged about the storm and that the electric went out. So glad you are safe!! I'm in Indiana too, stay in touch. Looking forward to today's lesson. Great Blog.

  2. what a great picture you got of the rainbow- and i love the sentiment! :) have a great rest of your week-