Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Thoughts, Reflections & Winter on Wordle

Hi Friends, I found the coolest website called wordle. It takes a blog or post and makes a word collage. I used mine and this is what it made.
Seeing these words made me embrace this winter season.
A season for going within, reflecting on life. What is working? What can be improved? It's OK to slow down, curl up on the couch with a fluffy blanket, read a book, take a nap, rest, rejuvenate, reflect, refresh. Embrace life.

Wordle - Winter: "Wordle: Winter"
(click on the picture for a clear image)
If you are still reading this, I will share that we had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed the magic through our kids' eyes. The week leading up to Christmas was difficult. We had a death in my husband's family. My husband then came down with a fever of 104 and was in bed for two days. He's well now but we are still feeling emotions about our loss. A fight we lost many years ago due to the disease of alcoholism. The loving intervention did not work but our counselor told us we should move on with our lives and find peace and happiness. Those words he gave us were a gift. We did move on to find peace and happiness in life, have four beautiful children, and a  warm and nurturing home. We did our best and that's all we could do. We could not save her. We hope she is a peace now.
Looking forward to new beginnings in 2011. I hope you are too.

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