Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Life in Color

Thanksgiving Bonfire

I find it funny to be following my last post called White Space because my life has had no white space in it since I posted over a month ago. I hope to incorporate some serene, quiet white space in the coming months. Promise. How about you? Could you use a little more simplicity, less clutter, quiet space to read, reflect and dream? That is my goal. Creating time and space to think, dream, slow down, and embrace the simple things in life.
Visiting our 100 year old Grandfather

I am so very grateful for my busy life with four kids, two dogs, and a great husband. My days begin early in the kitchen making breakfast, packing lunches, getting ready for school and work days. Time zooms by with my active and inquisitive four year old, never ending housework (not my specialty), volunteering at school, teaching yoga, cooking, grocery shopping, and evening activities for the kids. My husband works long hours too. I am sure many of you relate to some of these things. White space, remember?
As December begins, I am embracing the Christmas season with a spirit of giving, reaching out to a few in need of some comfort and caring, creating and continuing traditions with my family, and hopefully writing about some of the things along the way.
Wishing you a merry holiday season,
Here are some recent favorite photos below.

My kids, nieces, & nephew on Halloween
My daughter's 8th Birthday rollerskating party.
Family on Thanksgiving

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