Thursday, April 19, 2012

Our escape to the mountains of North Carolina

Mt. Mitchell, NC
Hello! I want to share some photos of our spring break adventure in the mountains. We packed the family truck and drove across five states to my Dad and Helen's Rock House in North Carolina.
Remote. Breathtaking. Cozy. I am always amazed at how wonderful it feels to escape from everyday life. It did wonders for the energy of our family with no TV, iPhones, or e-mail. Here are some favorite photos.
Kids riding Doc the sweet, old and gentle horse. He was fed many apples and carrots during our stay.

On our drive up to Mt. Mitchell, we stopped and had a picnic at a lavender farm. It had a labyrinth made of lavender on top of a mountain. It was a dream come true for me.

Walking the lavender labyrinth on the mountain.

Making our way up to "Mitchell Mountain" as my little guy called it. It also happens to be my oldest son's name which was fun. The weather changed constantly with clear sky, rain, wind, and hail. It's also the highest mountain east of the Mississippi.
Family photo at the top.
My boys.
Taking the path off the path.
Trying to keep up.
Mating frogs in the pond. My science-minded husband and kids collected some eggs and watched them morph into tad poles. We brought some home in a jar and they are now thriving in our pond at home. 
We took a private tour of The Wolf Sanctum-a place that rescues and teaches about wolves. We all learned so much. The kids loved Rosie the Arctic wolf.
This is Dakota the howling Timber wolf.
Back at the Rock House for a two hour card game of war. Mitchell beat his sister in a close game.
Happy hour on the front porch.
An unforgettable week in the beautiful mountains.

Thanks for reading.
Joy and peace,


  1. It looks like a place that would be good for your heart and soul.

  2. did my soul a heap of good, all of this aliveness:)
    your life is beautiful like a song:)