Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Bliss: Bloom and Fly

Inside everyone is a great shout of joy waiting to be born. ~David Whyte, the Winter of Listening

Hello! This is my latest shout of joy just born. It took months. 
Begin with faith.
Proceed with colors and love.
Paint. Pause. Walk away. 
Begin. Again. Fresh.

End. Share. Bloom. Fly.
I need your help. My creative dream is to design a website/home to share my art. To connect with other creative free spirits, and offer e-courses about joyful creative living. Starting with an open heart and beginners mind. Fresh, natural, wild, free. Endless possibilities.
Where do I begin? Choose a name. 
Do I use my name?
WildflowerBliss? WildflowerSoulArt?
I would so appreciate your input on naming my site. Share with me some words or thoughts if you feel like it. kathyanne70atgmaildotcom.
Joy and peace,

The more you see everything as a blessing,
the more blessed you will be.


  1. I think you should stick with Wildflower Ranch...your name intrigued me enough to stop by that first time!!:)

    LOVE your canvas:)


  2. I don't have any advice on the name but the painting is beautiful.

  3. oh, this is just beautiful!! i love it!! and i love your intention, too!! :)

  4. I would go with WildflowerKath but actually, it's your call.

  5. If your artist website is to promote your artwork then I would suggest you use your name as your web address. If someone would want to search for you the easiest thing would be your name, first and last name dot com.. I know that sounds boring but the idea is for people to find you. You can always use a "tag line" as a description of what your website is about, which I LOVE, Wildflower Soul Art.
    And by the way, the painting is great. I am thinking of taking that workshop with Flora also!

    1. Helen P SpaldingJune 10, 2012 at 7:17 PM

      I think Sue makes a lot of sense and Tori says she has learned to put her name on all of her Art. Sounds like they are in the know. This is such an exciting process to watch. Love it!

  6. Love your painting! It definitely inspires bliss.

    I didn't use my name for my art website or art blog and have learned to make sure that all art that I post is tagged with my name, so that search engines will find it.

    Visiting through The Little Bliss List Link Party.

  7. squeal!!!
    i adore this painting!
    (and that WONDERFUL quote....gorgeous wisdom, that!)
    And I'm ALL in for the wildflowersoulArt!
    that is SO're a wildflower soul:)
    makes my heart grin wide just to see it,