Friday, August 3, 2012

Summer Bliss: Visiting the ocean, wildflowers, and garden fresh tomatoes.

Time for a little something. ~A.A. Milne
I love summer. Long days, early morning walks with butterflies and birds, time with my kids, moonlit evenings on the deck. This summer has been wonderful. A few challenges in between, but even so, I am trying to squeeze every ounce of joy out of  these last summer days that I can.
Here are some things that have been truly joyful. What are yours?
My husband and I piled the kids in the car and drove 12 hours overnight to Okaloosa Island, Florida. It was a wonderful week at the beach filled with surf fishing, swimming, and a zip lining adventure over the Baytown Wharf in Destin. This Midwestern girl loves visiting the ocean!
Time at the beach with my five year old son. True bliss.
Creative moments spent doodling in my art journal, taking pictures, and a little painting. As the kids get back in school, I hope to do a lot more painting.
Another highlight was celebrating Independence Day on Lake Tippecanoe at my sister and brother in law's cottage. We watched fireworks over the beautiful lake in their big pontoon boat. What a thrill!
Lastly, picking wildflowers and eating garden fresh veggies are true summer loves. There are so many ways to eat a tomato. A simple favorite is sliced with a pinch of sea salt. Also, I make my famous summer BLTs. My daughter and I like to add a little avocado to make them CBLTs (California bacon lettuce tomato). Delicious!
Thank you for letting me share my bliss. Let me know your thoughts as I always enjoy your comments.
Happy Summer,


  1. Oh how I love your bliss!! Wondefully beautiful and uplifting. I share so many of your true joys. Our tomatoes just came in and boy are they delish!!!!

    Love stopping by here. So wonderful.


  2. Very creative using tomatoes with some flowers for a photo. I've not heard of California bacon tomatoes - will have to try some. I love a good home made BLT.

  3. Kathy--I love the fresh air & the color I experienced while reading your blog--especially the black-eyed Susans & the marigolds & tomatoes. Aren't we lucky to have such a colorful season in the Midwest? Found you thru Liv Lane's Bliss list.

  4. What a wonderful reflection of summer. Black eyed Susan's are one of my favorites! Would you mind if I used your photo as a reference for a little painting?

  5. Your photos are so joyful! Thank you for sharing your bliss.

  6. You just want to dive into your pics, it's a virtual scrapbook of a delightful summer