Friday, September 7, 2012

Launching my new website: Please join me!

Hello friends,
I am so excited to share with you my new website, My blog will be here too, and so much more. I will share my passion joyful creative living.

Here is my post on embracing change and launching the site. It was truly a creative collaboration with Michele Bergh of Be Inspired Design.

Please join me as it has meant so much for me to share with you. Hop on over and tell me what you say hello, even better, subscribe. It's free!
Sending you joy and light,


  1. Congratulations on launching your new website! You must have been very excited to fill your website with new, fun and exciting happenings about your life. I’ve looked into it, and I was pretty surprised with the design elements. I love how colorful and playful your site is. It shows the vibrant and beautiful life you have.

  2. If you'll be using your website for business purposes, I think you should do an SEO optimization to ensure a revenue return and customer increase. Anyway, I like how simple your website looks. Well done, Kathy!