Thursday, June 23, 2011

Celebrating Summer, Abundance, & Growth

Hello friends~ Summer is here!
My Wildflower Garden Blooming
Are you feeling more alive in the light of summer? Do you feel a yearning for growth or new directions? Do you have dreams of learning something new, starting a business, getting healthier? Listen to your inner voice inside. Go outside and walk in nature and feel the abundance. Grab a little journal and write seven things you want to do. Just by writing them you will begin to create the energy for these amazing things to grow and happen. I am confident they will. Shine that light of yours.

I just returned home from a wonderful visit with my 95 year old grandmother. Last year she moved to be closer to my Aunt and cousins. I miss her so much but know in my heart that she is where she needs to be now.

Tuesday was my favorite day of the year. Summer Solstice. The day of the longest light from the sun. I always feel so alive during this time. It has long been celebrated as a time of light, love, growth, and fertility.

The night of Summer Solstice at my Aunt's house we were gathered there for dinner. She had friends in town from Tuscon, Arizona. Liz, who I met and is in her sixties, and I instantly connected. I told her this was my favorite day of the year. She instantly agreed and said, "Midsummer!" She told me she teaches high school English and loves teaching Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream.

A huge storm came out of the sky with lightening, thunder, and buckets of rain. Liz and I went out onto the porch and danced in the storm together celebrating the summer sky. It was a rush of cleansing energy!

I am feeling grateful for so many blessings.

Wishing you an abundant summer!
keep me posted on your amazing new directions.

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  1. no!! i just feel tired when it gets this hot and sticky. i feel better in the spring and fall. whine.