Thursday, December 17, 2009

Grateful for Friends

The most I can do for my friend is simply be his friend.
H.D. Thoreau

Today I am feeling grateful for the friends in my life. As time goes by I am realizing how important friendships are yet how fragile they are too. Friendships need to be tended to and nurtured. In this season of giving the best gifts for friends are a little time and attention. A card, phone call, e-mail, or even text to just check in. Getting together is even better.

Last night my book club of nine years gathered for our annual holiday party and book exchange. We drank red sangria, ate homemade goodies including Shannon's holiday split pea, lentil, & cranberry soup, fresh salad with candied walnuts, asiago cheese bread, and Anna's creamy chocolate brownie trifle. We all chose a wrapped book and laughed because the books all happened to fit us so well. By the end of the evening we were gathered around the table just talking. After nine years I found out one friend has her black belt in Karate. They asked me to do a yoga Sun Salutation in my heels. We continue to learn and grow as friends.

We contemplated what has made our book club continue for nine years. None of us live in the same neighborhood and a few of us drive up to 45 minutes each month. Yes, we have proudly read 88 books but we have become more of a friend club than a book club. We decided that our commitment to showing up once a month is key. Making time for each other is not always easy to do but is always worth it. No matter how tired, busy, stressed, or crazy our schedules are we show up regularly to share two hours of fun each month. These two hours each month for nine years have gotten us through birthing numerous babies, new jobs, illness, layoffs, marital strife, divorce, and many other personal triumphs and tragedies.

So, friends this is for you. Thank you for sending those silly or heartfelt e-mails, cheering on the sidelines of our kids' sports games, carpooling, meeting for a quick lunch, showing up for book club, or talking on the phone from afar. You are cherished.

Shine your light,

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