Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Grilled Cheese Martha Would Like

My little son "Scout" loves to have grilled cheese and apple slices for lunch. I usually eat his crust and other tidbits he leaves on his plate (I know you moms get it). Today I decided to make my own grilled cheese for a few reasons.
1. Martha Stewart was on Oprah recently teaching her to use good bread, butter, and assorted cheeses, fruits, veggies, and herbs. Her grilled cheese bar looked so delicious!

2. I just happened to have a rosemary artisan loaf of bread that needed attention.

3. I have tart Granny Smith apples and one ripe yellow pepper.

On the hot griddle I threw on butter to sizzle, placed two slices of rosemary bread on the butter, added yellow pepper slices on one piece of bread and toppped it with a slice of creamy cheddar cheese. On the other slice of bread I topped it with a slice of swiss cheese and thin apple slices. After letting the bread brown, I folded the sandwich together. It was perfectly crisp with gooey melted cheese.
Martha would be proud of this one. Now I need a good tomato soup recipe.


  1. Here in Tennessee @ this sweet little country dive, where one can stalk country music stars for hours (Millers Grocery) they sell a tasty GCS with home grown tomatoes & more, then you can skip the soup if you wish.

  2. that is a GREAT idea- apples in a grilled cheese. and i just got a new panini maker. so it's happening for dinner this week. thanks for the idea!