Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Perfect Pot Roast - Great for a Fall Gathering or Family Dinner

I have made this twice in the last month for my family, and gave the recipe to my friend Tiffany to make for a  birthday party.  We both agreed that our husbands love this one - as well as the plain eaters in the family. It's comfort food that's simple and delicious! Fire up your crock pot or make it in a covered pan in the oven. You choose. Just make sure to serve it with a big fresh loaf of crusty bread and butter and a glass of deep red Zinfandel.

Perfect Pot Roast

4 lb. Chuck Roast
1 bag frozen pearl onions
2 bags fresh baby carrots
4-6 lg Yukon Gold potatoes cubed
1 32 oz box Emeril's Beef Stock
1 Sprig fresh Rosemary
Salt & pepper
Generously salt and pepper roast on both sides. Heat 2 T. olive oil in a large skillet. Brown roast on each side for 5 minutes until it is sizzling and very brown. While roast is browning, add stock to warming crock pot. I like to add a splash of red wine to the pot too. Place browned roast in pot and place onions and carrots on skillet to brown with a pinch more salt for 5 minutes. Place carrots, onions, and cubed potatoes on and around roast. Salt and pepper once more and add sprig of rosemary. Cover and roast of high for 4 hours or until meat is very tender. If roasting in oven, roast on 325 for 3 hours covered in foil.
When done, remove rosemary and serve in stew bowls with crusty bread and butter. Enjoy!

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