Monday, August 22, 2011

12 Books of Inspiration

I love love love books. Here is a list of books that are always on my bedside table for comfort and inspiration. They could be great gifts to you are anyone you hold dear.

1. SARK's New Creative Companion SARK is an artist that captures the magic of everyday inspiration. Just opening this book makes me smile.

2. The Blessings of a Skinned Knee by Wendy Mogel
This is great for moms/parents with young children. Lots of guidance and advice, but I mostly love the importance she puts on family traditions.

3. The Power of Intention by Dr. Wayne Dyer
He is one of my favorite self-help gurus. This book guides you on your journey to create and attract the life you desire. Read the last chapter first on Connectors. Inspirational!

4. Happy Yoga by Steve Ross
This is great for the yoga lover. He has a happy approach to life, yoga, and music.

5. 1000 Places To See Before You Die
I feel like I go on mini vacations when I open this book. I want to see them all!

6. Don't Sweat the Small Stuff for Women by Kristine Carlson
A great bedside book for daily inspiration. My favorite is her page on "Walk Through the Open Doors."

7. The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron
A total guide to discovering your inner artist. It is full of ways to become more creative in everyday life.

8. Grace Notes by Alexandra Stoddard
This book has been at my bedside for over ten years It's filled with daily quotes that are timeless and classic.

9. Girlfriend's Guide to Getting Your Groove Back by Vicki Iovine
Another good one for moms with young kids. I totally relate to her funny stories - especially never leaving the house without a diaper bag even though all your kids are potty trained.

10. Yeah Dave's Guide to Livin' the Moment: Getting to Ecstasy Through Wine, Chocolate and Your iPod Playlist by David Romanelli
You don't have to be a yoga lover to enjoy this book. He encourages us to enjoy a delicious moment, beautiful moment, and funny moment every day.

11. The Power by Rhonda Byrne
I love The Secret too. This one is all about the power of Love.

12. Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort of Joy by Sarah Ban Breathnach Another book I go back to time and time again. Great insight for simplicity amidst a busy life.
Happy Reading,

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