Thursday, August 25, 2011

Escape to Nashville, IN

For our mom's birthday, my sister and I took her on a road trip to the wooded rolling hills of southern Indiana. Our first stop was The Brown County Winery for a tasting of their delicious sweet and tart wines.
After browsing through a roadside flea market and finding my sister's old summer camp Gnaw Bone tucked way back in the forest, we reached our final destination. Nashville, Indiana. This is a little gem of a town filled with cute boutiques, art galleries, and down home restaurants that serve fried chicken, biscuits, and homemade apple butter.
We checked in our charming bed and breakfast in the heart of town called The Cornerstone Inn. Upon arriving they directed us to the gathering room where fresh baked pies and fluffy cakes awaited.
The highlights of our little excursion were being together, carefree laughter, shopping, and eating dinner at a surprisingly gourmet restaurant called The Hob Knob, recommended by locals. The house spinach lasagna and tart glass of New Zealand sauvignon blanc was delicious.
To end the evening we ended up at The Chateau Thomas Winery tasting room sharing a bottle of their Fleur d' Peche wine and listening to a country blues singer sing about his long legged lover. She was sitting right up front and was truly has the longest legs I have ever seen when she stood at about 6'3!
After an abundant farm breakfast including strong coffee and gooey pecan rolls, we hit The Nashville Country Store for caramel corn and fudge for the kids, we hopped in my sister's van and drove home listening to the country singer's original "hits". A great escape!
Shine your light, k


  1. What a special time to share together!

  2. Hi, I'm up in Northwest Indiana and visit my good friend near Nashville as often as I can. LOVE IT. Wish I'd known you were going - did you find the little shop called Papertrix??? I hope so, it's tucked away behind the main drag. The owners Wayne and Cindy are so sweet and it's a treasure trove for any collage artist. My favorite store of all !!! If you didn't find it, please please make another day trip and check it out, tell her Linda R sent you. Check the little map of town and you'll find it. Glad you had such a fun time !!!