Thursday, March 8, 2012

Blooming True = Painting, Releasing, Emerging, Joy.

Transform by Flora Bowley
For the past five weeks I have been taking an online painting course with the amazing artist Flora Bowley called Bloom True. It has truly been transformative.
Each week Flora focuses on a topics such as listening to your intuition and being playful. She also kindly instructs on the importance of color variation and contrast.
We are to be working on two large canvases at a time. Paint and let the other one dry. Be free with the brush in our hand, listen to soulful music, move our bodies, free our minds. If we do not like it, we can cover it up with the next layer. Discover what emerges. Find one thing about the painting use it.
Layering cool colors over warm.
 I have not finished a painting yet. I have painted many layers. On each canvas, I have found one thing I like. On the first, a bird shaped figure with a magenta color. On the second, a little circle that I decided looked like an eyeball. Now I am painting it into a tropical bird. Maybe.
Cool colors over warm.
Little bird at top left.
Can you make out the eyeball shape?

See the eye now?

Unexpected and remarkable results have happened since this class began.
1. I am happily committed to completing this course and going back to review it. I have not always completed previous courses this thoroughly.  This one has struck a cord.
2. I am being kinder and gentler to myself. More forgiving.

3. Thoughts and feelings are emerging that have been buried in the midst of raising kids for 12 years. Questions like, Who am I besides a devoted mother and wife? What do I like to do? Who do I want to become? How can I carve out space between laundry, dishes, groceries, meals and soccer?

4. I have realized I love to paint. I love the color magenta. It's fun to buy art supplies.
My Sage Heart Studio

5. I am detaching from things. I have been letting go of clothes, books and stuff that has been clinging to me for years. Now I want to clear it out, give it away, and make room for more abundance.
6. After digging through clutter, I  found a painting that I did when I was 16. A vase of purple flowers. My art teacher entered it in an art show. It was not so important then. Now it's a link to what I love.
I never expected this Bloom True class to have such transformative powers. Letting go, listening to my deeper inner voice, being brave to release old thoughts and feelings. I am now more open, fresher, freer, lighter, deeper. Emerging.
Thank you Flora.
Joy and peace,
Favorite STIX Mirror.


  1. Your stuff looks great! I am signed up for her next class, can't wait!

  2. What an awesome post! I can feel your energy. LOVE the paintings!!!

  3. Love the mirror and your post. Nancy

  4. I've loved every minute of this class too. And yes, buying art supplies is a joy in itself. I hope to keep the mojo going. xo

  5. love what you're choosing
    and how your (really beautiful!) art
    is finding such clear voice
    in you
    and through you:)
    bravo, you!