Thursday, March 1, 2012

Time for Joy
Do you want a world with...more joy and happiness? Then find your own joy and happiness and contribute to the joy and happiness of others. ~Bo Lozoff

March is upon us. That means spring is arriving soon. I love spring. It's a time of rebirth and renewal. The trees come back to life, flowers start to bloom, the birds return, and I feel a burst of energy and optimism.

I have chosen a word for the month. Joy. I just entered it in my journal. I plan to ponder what brings me joy and share it here with you. What I've realized is joy is an inside job. We must look within ourselves to see what brings us joy and then share with others. So often we look to others to fill us up. This can bring disappointment and frustration. It is up to us to discover our own joy.

The first thing I want to share that brings me joy is waking up earlier than my kids and husband. I usually try to wake up an hour before them. Sometimes it hard but it is so worth it. I stretch, welcome the day with gratitude, and savor a cup of strong hot coffee. This quiet time in the morning gives me a chance to breathe, think, plan, and wake my lovies with a peaceful, not hurried attitude.  If you have not done this before, I encourage you to try it. Maybe just one or two mornings a week. I promise it will bring you more peace and joy.

The time is now. Let's jump start our joy. Great things are are coming our way. Open your journal and write Joy at the top of the page and start listing the things that bring you joy. It can be as simple as a cup of hot tea, a nap in the afternoon, or a dream to visit the ocean. Those will probably all be on my list.
Sending you peace and joy,


  1. Joy! I love it. March is a great month...a time of change, transformation and growth!

    Enjoy it...I know I will too :)

    -Blair, The Turquoise Heart

  2. A simple truth, joy- spread the joy. The spring is a great time to search for joy in your life.