Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My first spontaneous video blog. Hello spring.

Hello. I was taking a walk this beautiful evening and had my iPhone with me. It has a camera, not in HD. I decided to record anyway and share this with you. It's definitely not great technology, but the thoughts are from my heart. Please let know if it is ridiculous and should delete it. I trust you.
joy and peace, kathy


  1. heart whispering to me as I listen to your
    bell-like voice
    and the music of those glad peepers
    and your kind face (so beautiful!)
    ....very, very effective.
    Standing up and clapping inside!
    bravo braveheart:)

  2. Lovely video Kathy... Very cool that you are taking Flora's class. Just discovered her a few months ago and seems like a lot of buzz about her lately. I am taking Leslie's free online art journaling course at http://wordsofmeproject.blogspot.com. I've never done any art journaling... Happy Spring in one week. Can't wait!
    Love & blessings,
    xoxo Valerie

  3. Oh Kathy Anne, this is beautiful. I can feeel and hear your gentle joyful spirit.Congratulations on your first one! Maybe I will get brave and try it out. Blessings,Nancy ( from Liv's class)