Monday, September 13, 2010

Juice Journey Update

Hi Friends,
Thanks for all the questions and interest on the juicing. You should know, I am not a dieter. I've never been on a diet. I love to eat. I love to cook. That's the problem.

Until recently and even after having four kids,  I have been lucky to naturally stay around a certain weight with regular exercise and eating mostly what I want. The day I turned 40 it all seemed to change. It hit me over the head like a frying pan last week when the air got cooler and I reached for my favorite Lucky jeans. They would not zip from extra bulge in the gut.

That's when I called my friend Shannon in Iowa and asked her about her juice diet. She told me it works. I trusted her and started the minute we hung up. 

Fast forward five days of just juicing. It works. I have dropped six pounds and the jeans have zipped. I feel cleansed and refreshed and back to a starting point. Kathy 2.0.

I just made my first meal  - a veggie quesadilla (recipe will be posted soon). It tasted delicious and I enjoyed every bite slowly. I plan to get back on the juice for a three more days to drop a few more because crock pot season is about to begin.

Here is what I did for five days:
I did not give up my morning cup of coffee. I need my coffee.
Fresh juice prepared as much as I want followed by drinking lots of water.
In my blender (Magic Bullet) I filled it with ice, chopped fruit and a little water or Boathouse Farms carrot juice.
Fruit I used  - all whole and organic and skins on:
Bananas, green apples, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, pineapple, strawberries, peaches, purple grapes, and avocado.
If I was out and on the go I bought fresh juice in the produce department of the grocery like Odwalla, Naked, and Boathouse Farms fresh juice blends.
Drank lots of water. Remember, cleanse!

The end of day two was the most difficult time for me. I was tired and sweating out toxins and my body wanted food. I pushed through that time with another smoothie and felt so much better. By day three and four I felt fantastic! Another benefit was that my kids loved drinking my juice blends too!

I had really planned on doing a seven day cleanse but on day five after four soccer games, teaching two yoga classes, and a Cub Scout BBQ, I came home and made the precious veggie quesadilla.

That's the story. It worked. I encourage you to try it to drop a few pounds, cleanse your body, and feel great! Crock pot season here I come! I will re-post my Indian Summer Beef Stew with Crusty Buttered Bread soon.
Happy Juicing,

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  1. Ccock pot season is so getting closer ... I need to try this cleanse! Love your photos!