Saturday, September 25, 2010

A "Thing" for Festivals

 My mom and I have this "thing" for festivals. Ever since I can remember she was always taking my sister and me to art fairs, cultural festivals, and the good ole State Fair. My favorite purple tie-dyed t-shirt came from
an art fair in State College, Pennsylvania when I was seven.
This weekend my sons had two travel soccer games in nearby towns and my sister and her husband were on a birthday weekend getaway. My mom was watching her three kids. We discovered there was a festival in one of the soccer game towns so we coordinated meeting with all the kids and taking them. This is no small feat. She met me at one game and had six of the kids, I drove to pick up my other son at another field. Of course he scores before I get there, which always seems to happen. I bring him back to the original field and we caravan to the town's festival.

The weather was perfect and we parked and hopped on a hayride to tour the pretty park, making sure we had a "buddy system" in place.  After hopping off the wagon we entered and searched for the food ( mom and my favorite part!). I spent $29 on corn dogs and drinks for all seven kids and found a shaded picnic table to dine. My turn came to choose and I went for the "Bob & Carol's Philly Cheese Steak" Stand - a true mom and pop stand with juicy steak drenched in cheese, onions, and peppers. I doused mine with hot sauce too. My mom opted for a walking taco and lemon shake up.

After finishing lunch, my mom popped for dessert- a bag of cinnamon sugar mini donuts hot off the press (or fryer). The kind man even threw in a few extra for our motley bunch (the kids were getting dirty by now). The hot donuts disappeared in an instant and we were off to the bounce houses and booths. With seven kids, not much shopping was accomplished, just lots of smiles and squeals. Finally, the kids started to have blank stares and we were all running out of steam. We hopped back on the hayride to the parking lot and called it a day.
I really do think we are passing on the love of festivals and fairs to the kids as they always say, "Can we do this again?" I smile and hope we will, too.

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