Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year!

Colorful Balloon I saw flying this summer
Happy New Year, Friends! Yes, this is a few days after the new year but I was down with the flu from New Year's Eve until now. I am so happy to feel better. I am ready for a fresh start, how about you?
The past year was filled with many good things that fill me with gratitude.
1. I continued teaching my yoga class and now have quite a few regular students coming each week. My class on New Year's Eve (just hours before the flu bug struck me down) had 21 yogis on their mats as I read to them about taking the path off the path in life and embracing the moment.

2. A big milestone and life changer -My youngest son is potty trained! Ten years of carrying a diaper bag has ended. For this I am so grateful!
3. I took an online class by artist Kelly Rae Roberts called Flying Lessons. That class gave me creative inspiration and put me in an online group of artistic flyers where we support each other's creative projects. This encouraged me to paint for the first time since high school, keep blogging, and dream bigger.
4. In April, I turned 40 and it felt fantastic. Also, my book club celebrated ten years together and we continue to eat, read, and connect once every month.

5. I continue to help at my kids school collecting and counting thousands of Box Tops, reading with students in reading groups, and being a PTO mom, soccer mom, baseball & basketball mom, and dance & tumbling mom. The list keeps growing with my kids.
6. My husband and I continue to finish our house project to make it what we have always dreamed it to be. It's been a long slow process but so worth it.

7. The most fun family thing we did was take the kids to the ocean this summer. It was a fun filled week of adventure that we hope to do again. There is nothing like a sandy beach if you live in the Midwest.
8. My final thing I stay grateful for is growing with family and connecting with friends old and new. These are the things I hold most dear. It's all about embracing the moments in life.
Here is to another year filled with family, friends, good health, gratitude, continued creativity, and big dreams.
Gratefully yours,

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