Thursday, January 27, 2011

How do you say goodbye to a 12 year old girl?

How to do comfort a friend who lost her 12 year old daughter to the flu?
You go there. You listen. You take food. You make her lunch. Hot soup, a chicken salad sandwich and an extra large fountain diet coke. Carrot cake bars. Her favorites. You know because she is your friend of 25 years.

But Hunter is not there. Sweet, beautiful, artistic, loving Hunter. Hunter with the denim blue eyes, light blond hair, pretty smile and gentle ways. You are not gone are you? It is not real. How could this be?

Hunter, we miss you so much already. How do I comfort your mom? What will make her feel better? Her faith in God? Her loving family? Her true friends? I hope you help us. I will continue to be a friend to your mom.You touched so many in your short life. We will always cherish the time we spent with you. You are so loved.
Summer Fun. Hiking and creek stomping with friends. Hunter on far left.

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  1. Devastating. I am so very sorry. You have an unimaginable burden on your heart for this friend, I am sure. She has the unimaginable burden. Sweet girl I have a friend who lost her son 2 weeks ago as well. We met Wednesday and prayed. I made her a little wall says trust. We talked about any and every feeling is ok right now, truely. A lot to process. You are valuable with all the things you are doing Kathy Anne! And sometimes, silence is the very best thing....with a hug and yes, those Extra large fountain cokes speak volumes:) You are doing a marvelous job. Sending you Love dear girl.