Thursday, February 23, 2012

Slowing down this week.

I'm on a pursuit of awesomeness. Excellence is the bare minimum. ~O Magazine, March issue
Everyday this week I have had an extra child home from school due to a stomach bug going through our house. Aside from the unpleasant job of being the cleanup crew, I have found myself slowing down to tend to them and cuddle on the couch and have an extra cup of tea.

I even read the recent issue of O Magazine titled "De-Clutter Your Life!" My favorite article was Martha Beck's on worrying too much. She urges to stop fretting, agonizing, panicking, and otherwise losing sleep over things you can't control.

Two things especially stayed with me. First, she writes, People blossom when we love them, not when we worry about them. Worry just teaches worry. Let it go. I will try and remember this when I worry about my  kids.

She also writes, Stop fixating on stuff you can touch and start caring about stuff that touches you. She's referring to focusing on experiences rather than objects. This helps as I continue the quest to de-clutter my own home. Stuff tends to pile up here quick.

I'm also going to try the soba noodle recipe with kale and walnuts. I'll let you know how it tastes. Time for another cup of tea.


  1. I think I'm going to have to actually read the magazine now instead of carrying it around with me in the hopes of reading it. It sounds like some powerful lessons! I hope you get some alone time soon.

    1. Thanks, Naomi. It's a good issue for sure! ~kathy

  2. Good reminder for me right now... don't worry about things that you can't control! Great advice!

  3. SO beautifully put.....I wish I'd been less
    of a worrier when my lovies were little.
    So much wasted energy
    and opportunity.
    Restoration is a beautiful thing.
    thanks for the beautiful inspire,

    1. Thank you, Jennifer. You put magic in your words. ~kathy