Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Nerf Guns & Mystics

Every year about this time I get this neurotic creative energy that makes me want to do about a million things at once. This time of summer is one of my high energy times where I want to stay up late and dance under the moon. Of course it makes me crazy because my mind is racing with so much creative energy and I still have to feed and care for my children around the clock which I love too, however, not much time for lengthy creative time. That is why I love this blog. It's my little corner of the world to jot my thoughts.

This link of Elizabeth Gilbert speaking about life really spoke to me this morning. First, she is wearing the same vampy nail polish I have on that is typically unlike my usual neutral colors, but probably a wild streak that wants to be expressed. She also speaks about buying Nerf Guns which are a big part of my life having three boys. I just rewarded my 9 year old yesterday with a Nerf "pistol" of his choosing. Finally, she ends the 21 minute talk about author Martha Beck's categories of women.
1. Women who chose career over family and are conflicted.
2. Women who chose family over career and are conflicted.
3. Women who are blending family and career and are conflicted.
4. THE MYSTIC. ~ A small sect of women from any of the above who have found a deeply resonant inner voice that they listen to. They negate everything else and they follow that path wherever it takes them.

Give yourself a little time to WATCH THIS VIDEO!!!!!! Fellow Mystics, you’ll be inspired.


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