Thursday, July 1, 2010

One on One Vacation Memories

Oh have we had fun in Pass a Grille Beach, Florida! We have had hot sun, clouds, and a few big storms. The best thing has been being together a whole week as a family.

I try to take the kids out for one on one excursions. The others stay with BK.One morning I took Phoebe into the little historic town of Pass a Grille for some art gallery and boutique shopping. I surprised her with her favorite mint chip ice cream for breakfast at the local ice cream shop. On vacation, these are the things I like to say "yes" to.

Indy and I took a hot and sweaty two mile walk through our neighborhood. We crossed a big bridge over the bay, got a Coke at Circle K, and then hung out together at the beach sipping the cold drink. He loves to talk and I just love the conversations we have together.

The biggest excursion was with my son Blaze. He is passionate about soccer and has been watching the World Cup games. He spotted an ad in a tourist flyer about a place called United World Soccer. We hopped in the van and drove up Gulf Drive in search of the store. We got familiar with many of the nearby beach towns: Treasure Island, Madeira Beach, Indian Rocks Beach, and Clearwater Beach. My quiet and serious son helped navigate us up the coast and we finally arrived at the giant soccer store. He was like a kid in a candy store as he looked at each official World Cup jersey from all the countries. Since they were a little pricey and the tourist flyer had a good coupon, I told him to pick out his favorite one for an early birthday present. He immediately chose the bright red Spain jersey. He put it on, we drove home a quicker way, and the Spain vs. Portugal game came on that afternoon. Spain won!

My little Scout has not required an outing. He has been happy with me helping him chase lizards out on the patio. I feel like a kid as I run around and hunt for those fast and funny chameleons. His squeals of delight are priceless.

So far these are the one on one things I have enjoyed with the kids. On vacation, I feel like I can tune into them without all the duties and distractions of home. That's what I love the most.