Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Night Fishing in Florida

I am a rise and shine early morning person. My husband is a night owl. That has its pros and cons for sure. A big benefit for the boys on our Florida vacation was that they stayed up late with their dad to "night fish". Our pier even had a spotlight to attract fish and other creatures in the bay.
Each day they got their shrimp and squid at the local bait shop. After the two youngest and I turned in, their fishing adventures began. They were quite successful in catching flounder, pin fish, crabs, catfish, and more. I would hear all about their catches when they lazily awoke the morning after.
One night after midnight, my son Indy ran in to wake me up. He excitedly reported he had caught "the big one" and asked me to get my camera. I really was excited for him and happy he wanted to share this with me. His big catch was a Black Drum fish. We think is was 8-10 pounds. He was so thrilled! I was so impressed at their system. He reeled it in and the "net man" would help get it in.
One last vacation memory I will mention is beach volleyball. The kids found a volleyball in the container by the pool. We took it to the beach in the evenings and taught the kids the basics of beach volleyball. The six of us could play a mean 3 on 3 game, get totally sandy, and jump in the ocean to rinse off. The thrill of being together as a family, watching the kids grow and learn in a new environment, and just having fun at the beach was priceless. That's a good vacation! ~kathy

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