Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Pink Palace

We took the kids to have a late lunch at The Don Cesar Resort. They affectionately named it "The Pink Palace". It truly is bright pink and massive with two pools on the beach. We munched on grouper sandwiches at the poolside grill. After, the kids jumped in the pool as BK & I sipped our icy piƱa coladas with dark rum floaters. We then ended up out on the beach for more body surfing, watching the kids bury themselves in the sand, and enjoying the sunset.

Like most evenings this week, a dark thunderstorm rolled in. Of course my kids were the last ones out of the pool and we scurried around collecting our things. Phoebe was distraught because she couldn't find her special gold rhinestone flip flops. We quickly searched together with no luck. We even thought she buried them in the sand and BK started digging around where our beach spot was. No luck.

The Pink Palace had an ice cream shop so we escaped the storm and ended the evening there as Scout wanted the "green ice cream" aka mint chip. They were all smiles but Phoebe glumly had no shoes on.

The next morning I woke up early and went to the beach alone for a run. Off in the distance down the beach was "The Pink Palace". I decided to run that way to search once more for the shoes, and now I knew where the restrooms were there.

I reached my pink destination sweaty and winded and looked around unsuccessfully. At the towel counter I asked the man if any rhinestone flip flops were found. He cheerfully asked me if they were tan. Gold and tan are close so I nodded. He led me over to a table near the beach and there they were gleaming in the morning sun. I gratefully thanked him and began my journey back down the beach. Phoebe was in disbelief when I handed her the sparkling shoes. It was a happy ending and the start of another day of adventure. Shark teeth hunting....

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