Friday, February 17, 2012

Bliss List Friday

Trailblazing today.
This will be my final Bliss List for my e-course however, they have been so much fun they may continue. A great reminder to capture the precious moments of life.
My son helping my friend paint. Little guy watching.
1. My son wanted a blue bedroom so we let him choose his shade. He chose Dynamic Blue which fits him to a tee. Here he is helping roll the paint. I will post the finished walls soon.

 2. The broccoli cheese soup recipe I made on Valentines Day. It disappeared fast and I will make it again soon for sure!

3. The butterfly charm I gave my daughter for Valentines Day. She loves it so much. My mom gave her a silver charm bracelet and we will help her collect charms over the years as my mom did for me.

An evening out with my some members of my book club who are dear friends for life.
My son blazing a trail.
5. Today's sunny hike with my son who blazed the trail in his ATV. I know he loves when I watch him navigate the trails. It was a serious workout for me and so exhilarating!

Thank you so much for sharing my bliss,


  1. I hope you continue doing the bliss list. I am definitely going to because it helps me look for the good moments and remember them. So nice that your son is helping to paint that room! Happy weekend!