Thursday, February 2, 2012

If it's not Yes! It's no.

If it's not Yes! It's no.
This quote recently caught my attention. It's my nature to try and please and help others and say yes. Like many women and moms, we say yes to things even when we may not really have our hearts into them. When that happens we get emotionally and physically drained. We and our loved ones can suffer, and no room is left for the true things we want and need.
I was just asked to teach yoga at a really great place. I have wanted this in the past. When I finally got the call, my heart did not leap with joy. I started fretting. Not that I wasn't thrilled about the offer, I love sharing my passion for yoga with others. It would be making my plate too full at this time.
That's me enjoying reverse warrior pose.
I have learned my lesson on this the hard way.  If the timing is not right, then I should not be making a commitment. It's not fair to myself or others. I have also learned that saying no is not easy but can feel freeing.
As February begins, I feel the need to let go of clutter and things that do not nurture my soul. Hopefully this will open space to listen to my inner compass, for ways to give and grow that make my heart sing.
Wishing you a month of love and joy,


  1. This is great - I've made February my month of "no" too by shutting down my google reader with the exception of a few select blogs. There were just SO many "shoulds" flying my way it was becoming overwhelming. I'm going to just do what I feel is right in the moment and stop listening to all those "should" vampires. Kudos to you!

  2. Wow Patty~ thank you for your reply. I was a little nervous to post it. I get attacked by the swirling should vampires and I am slowly learning it's ok to make things smooth and simpler.
    Warmly, kathy

  3. This post is so great Kathy Anne, I love the photos of you doing yoga. Good for you for listening to your inner wisdom and coming from love for yourself instead of fear. x

  4. Thank you Emma for your kind words. Have a wonderful day! kathy