Sunday, January 3, 2010

2 X 10 4 ME (Meditation and Exercise)

Surrender and Just Breathe..........

It is a day before three of my kids go back to school and I am already feeling the tension build. Coaches have called about tournaments this month, I am overdue for tumbling registration, and the homework, PTO duties, and Scouts will begin the day after tomorrow.

As I sit here and take a deep breath I decided to make two small goals.

1. Sit quietly to breathe for ten minutes each day. This is hopefully a small but attainable dose of meditation.

2. Exercise for ten minutes each day.

Hopefully ten minutes should not be too difficult to squeeze in. I could stretch, do jumping jacks or a sun salutation, and jog up to my mailbox and back in ten minutes. If I do ten minutes each day that adds up to 60 minutes per week of exercise and 60 minutes of meditation.

Let's begin. Do you want to join me?
Shine your light,

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  1. I'm ready to join you girl!! Have enjoyed your beautiful words :) xo~LIZ