Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Artist in Residence

This is why I blog the most. It is a little space for me and a positive outlet. My house is not serene, calm, and orderly. I do my best. My mom recently told me my blog does not reflect the chaos of my life. I told her it is a blog for joy and gratitude, not of complaint.

My lively and curious two year old son keeps life interesting. These days we have more than one bubble bath per day due to potty training and his love of "art". Last night he found a green marker and colored his toenails. He was so proud of this accomplishment! Since he is my fourth, I know not to give these small things too much power and attention. This will pass like all the other bizarre stages.

Like I tell my kids before they play a ball game or try something new.
Do your best and have fun.
I will take my own advice.
Shine your light,

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