Monday, January 25, 2010

Glimpse of Blue Sky

Give Thanks
Do the work
Go the extra mile
Give thanks again
All shall be well

As I write the sky is gray and pregnant again with soft giant snowflakes gently falling. The river is raging with white caps due to all the rain, snow and ice we have had lately.

Yesterday something special happened. As my daughter and I were driving to the grocery store, the heavy clouds parted and we got a glimpse of the bright blue sky. Seeing the vibrant light blue sky swirl with soft white clouds felt magical and uplifting. A few warm rays of sunshine even shone through briefly. The bright sky did not last long as more snow clouds rolled in but it was long enough to give us and everyone we saw a little more spring in their step.

Feeling the warmth and vibrancy of nature gave me a boost of energy. Also a feeling surfaced that its time to tie up some loose ends. Spring will be here in a couple of months and the natural pace of life will pick up. My intent is to go through some of those lingering piles of paperwork, rotate some outgrown kids clothes, and just tend to the house with more vigor and care.
One more cup of coffee and then I will begin.
Shine your light,

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