Friday, January 1, 2010

New Decade

Happy New Year and Happy New Decade!
Ten years ago we rang in 2000 with fears and questions about Y2K. I still have a small Y2K survival box with Sterno cans, matches and MREs somewhere in the pantry.

Ten years ago we found out I was pregnant with our first child. For me the past decade has been defined as the baby years. Pregnancy x 4, childbirth x 4 (3 natural and 1 C-section), breastfeeding, exhaustion, joy, depression, (did I mention exhaustion?), and growing up and into parenthood. "Friends" dear to my heart have been Baby Mozart, Elmo, Barney, Brown Bear, Polar Bear, Madeline, McQueen, and Pooh. I could write a book on this paragraph.

My husband and I once tried to figure out how many diapers we had changed over the years. How many "wipes & dipes" trips to the store..... How much money we have spent on baby essentials. We are still making diaper runs so we are not totally out of that stage but will be soon. After a decade I will not be too sad. I look forward to hopping in the car sans diaper bag, sippy cup, and stroller.

This decade my car will be full of backpacks, sports gear, folding spectator chairs, crayons, activity books, and hopefully vacation bags.

I also look forward to catching up on a decade of movies. I recently watched Love Actually and realized I need to discover more good ones from 2000 - 2009. Please e-mail me with any suggestions.
Shine your light,

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