Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What's Your Medicine?

Today I popped into Barnes and Noble bookstore to kill thirty minutes until the sporting goods store next to it opened. My two sons decided to play baseball this spring instead of soccer, so I had shopping list of cleats, batter helmet, balls, etc.

As I opened a mixed media art magazine, a cool quote jumped out at me. I scribbled it onto the sports list.

We all bring our own medicine into this world. Kellie Rae Roberts, artist. Unleash your joy is her artwork posted.

This quote made me pause and smile. We do have a certain medicine that is uniquely our own. I can think of a handful of friends that each have healing medicine to offer others. I hope I do too. Maybe I will ask them.
What is your medicine?

I also discovered that author Kelly Corrigan's new book is out called Lift. Ironically, after returning home I was sent a short clip of her talking about the same type of subject of the quote I posted. Check it out. I dare you.
Shine your light,

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